Robert Gordon Van Buerle – Rest in Peace

I’ve been struggling with how to put this in words, how to share this news with others. But as time marches on I suppose the only way is to simply do it. This week has been a difficult one, dealing with the loss of my Grandfather who passed away early Friday morning and preparing for … Continue reading Robert Gordon Van Buerle – Rest in Peace

November Update

This year has been a lot, and I haven’t kept up my blog here much. However, I’ve not forgotten it nor has writing been far from my mind. The last few months I’ve been writing every single day, 1000 words a day, but it’s all been for my current work in progress (WIP) that I’ve … Continue reading November Update

Killing Time

Considering the current times we are living in you can probably guess what this blog post is about. Personally, working from home and spending most of my time in social isolation isn't a big change; I'm a freelance journalist and fiction writer. When I’m not writing most of my time is spent caring for my … Continue reading Killing Time

To Kill A Sire

A/N: So I've been a bit absent lately, but the good news is I have a few short stories that I'll be posting here on the blog over the next few weeks - starting with this one. The following story is a sequel of sorts to the Ginger Vampires story that is included in The … Continue reading To Kill A Sire

Picnicking at Pemberley

So this post is a bit overdue, but in my defence, I have been very busy helping take care of my grandfather and doing journalism work. None the less I still wanted to write up a blog on this and share the experience… So what am I talking about? On Saturday, September 7th I had … Continue reading Picnicking at Pemberley

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Corporate Demons

A/N: Sorry, I missed last week and have just generally been a bit forgetful. Hope you all enjoy this week's piece. Prompt: Corporate Demons Word Limit: 200 words “So Jackie, if you could just sign this form here in triplicate.” Mifusila slid the stack of papers across the desk. The paper was smooth and soft … Continue reading Wednesday Prompt Smash: Corporate Demons