The Biggest Morning Tea

Last week was National Volunteer Week here in Australia so it was fitting I spent part of my time volunteering, even more so because that time was spent volunteering with the first organisation I ever got involved with. Dragons Abreast Australia was founded by my mother, Michelle Hanton, so it’s no surprise I started volunteering … Continue reading The Biggest Morning Tea

May Update – Exciting News

Where to begin? It’s been a while since I posted an update or had a short story to share but where to start with going through everything? I suppose the best place would be with the most exciting news! Bookish News For those that have been following me for a long time it’ll be no … Continue reading May Update – Exciting News

Let’s Talk about breasts

My Mum’s just had a book come out, ‘Internationally Abreast – Exercise as Medicine’ which she co-authored with Eleanor Nielsen. It’s a heart-warming book that covers the 25-year history of the breast cancer dragon boat paddling movement. This movement, this book, the community it’s about, are all very close to my heart. And honestly, the … Continue reading Let’s Talk about breasts

A Fluttering Inspiration

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on the blog, what can I say life has been hectic. That and I haven’t had time to work on any short stories as I’ve been busy working on my WIP trilogy. But I’m posting today because yesterday I got to visit somewhere I’ve been meaning to … Continue reading A Fluttering Inspiration

Killing Time

Considering the current times we are living in you can probably guess what this blog post is about. Personally, working from home and spending most of my time in social isolation isn't a big change; I'm a freelance journalist and fiction writer. When I’m not writing most of my time is spent caring for my … Continue reading Killing Time

To Kill A Sire

A/N: So I've been a bit absent lately, but the good news is I have a few short stories that I'll be posting here on the blog over the next few weeks - starting with this one. The following story is a sequel of sorts to the Ginger Vampires story that is included in The … Continue reading To Kill A Sire