Galligaskins- Saturday Word of the Day

Galligaskins- 17th Century leggings

*Writer’s note- every Saturday I’ll be posting a short story based on the word of the day from the dictionary app on my phone

It was a badly wrapped present, the paper was torn and the whole package was loosely held together by a piece of twine.

“I wonder what it could be?” Hans wasn’t expecting anything special, his family couldn’t afford anything good. They couldn’t afford anything they needed.

Slowly tugging the string free, the paper all fell from the contents revealing an old, tattered set of galligaskins.

“Ohhh…. wow.”

“They were your father’s”

“H-how nice.” It wasn’t like he expected anything nice, but this was just slightly disappointing… he always received hand-me-downs, and they never fit.

“Well try them on.”

“a-alright,” Hans grimaced, before forcing a smile.

Taking the worn galligaskins in hand he trudged to his room.

“hmph, rmmg, nngh” for once the hand-me-downs weren’t too big, they were  too small.

Hans returned to the dining room, galligaskins in hand.

“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you wearing them?”

“They don’t fit.”

“That’s okay use some string to wrap them”

“… They’re too small”

“Oh and I thought your father’s would at least fit properly, well I guess we’ll just have to cut them up for spare material.”

– End-

*Writer’s not- These word of the day stories will be short as they’re just writing exercises.


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