Saturday Word of the Day: Ailurophilia

*Ailurophilia- A liking for cats, as by cat fanciers.

She’s a crazy cat lady. OMG my birth mother has severe ailurophilia. How do I get out of here?

James wasn’t certain how he would get out of this… he’d just flown across continents to meet his birth mother only to be surrounded by cats the minute he entered her home.

This was a bad idea. I don’t know what I was expecting but this is soooo not it.

“Would you like some tea?” a voice chimed from somewhere beyond the swarm of fur.

No, no, no, I would like to get out of here and back on a plane to LA ASAP.

“Sh-sure,” it was a barely audible tremor of a response that he was praying his ailurophiliac mother wouldn’t hear.


Jesus she’s not just a cat lady she’s inherited cat hearing.

“Y-yeah.” Jame’s had to resign himself to the fact that at least for now there was no escape from this feline hoard.

– End-

(not sure if Ailurophiliac is actually a word but hoping the rule of adding the c applies like it does with necrophilia)


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