Saturday Word of the Day: Triumvirate

*Triumvirate- any group or set of three

The Triumvirate was arguing. In fighting was not unusual in the Triumvirate, at least not since Sage had stepped down and his younger sister had succeeded him. Chive and Thyme whilst good friends were after all only men and Cinnamon was a woman, she wielded all the power. Or at least she did until her grasp on her fellow members of the Triumvirate had backfired on her. At first they had both bended to her will but now they were vying for her affection. As if they were cavemen instead of scholars they attempted to show that they were better than the other. Chive tried to make radical new policies that would hand them total control, and Thyme tried to win the public’s favour. It was all very frustrating and within a few weeks the in fighting wasn’t a quarrel between two men but a quarrel between the whole Triumvirate.



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