Saturday Word of the Day: Guile

*Guile- insidious cunning in attaining a goal; crafty or artful deception; duplicity.

“Let me see if I can use my guile to get out of-”

“OH SHUT UP! It’s your fault we’re in this mess in the first place!”

“Uh- OH your words sting my beautiful assistant.”

“SHUT IT. I’m am soooo tired of your smooth talking and guile.”

“But Miriam, I am sure I can-”

“Zip it Oh Wise and Powerful Tazam!”

“D-dd-don’t mock me Miriam!”



“Uargh, I’m going to kill you!”


Author’s Note: This is another dialogue story but also another unfinished tid-bit for you guys to decide on. Let your imaginations go wild and finish/start the story however you’d like.


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