Saturday Word of the Day: Hippophile

*Hippophile: one who loves horses

I was disturbed but Benji he was way more creepy. It was my idea we stay in and watch a movie rather than go to the party, but it was his idea we watch a documentary on hippophiles.

“This is sick, I’m turning it off.”

“OH COME ON its not that bad. The people at the start were fine.” Benji protests as I creep towards the dvd player.

My finger hovers briefly over the stop button, “yeah but now these people are gross.” The doco had started off with ordinary folks who just owned a lot of horses and cared for them a lot, and then it had veered down a darker path with some more… eccentric people.

‘click’ I finger pushes down on the button containing a square and then darts to the button with a triangle over a line.

‘vvveet’ the tray comes out and I scoop up the disk.

“Miranda come on I wanna see how it ends!”

“I DON’T, this is twisted and I’m stopping while I can still erase what I’ve seen.” I pop open the dvd case and put it in.

“Uggh you’re never any fun Miranda.”

“And you’re totally gross. I mean who even wants to know about extreme hippophiles?”

His eyes roll at me, “It’s educational.”

“No it’s not, now either stop whining or take your weird dvd and go.”


*Author’s note: I don’t mean this as an offence to anyone who does love horses, just was stuck with ideas.


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