Saturday Word of the Day: Passe-partout

*Passe-partout: something that passes everywhere or provides a universal means of passage

The defenders of the universe where infinitely wise, old and young. They could go anywhere they wanted through the means of their rings, which worked to open a passe-partout.

One of these defenders was Fiore the light footed. Fiore walked as a feather would float, on air currents, he would open the passe-partout and gently watch over the inhabitants of planets, sometimes whispering ideas to them or giving them a light push in the right direction.

Another defender was Gog the gentle. Gog was soft-hearted and would grant ‘miracles’ to those whom she passed by. She was infinitely kind and sweet. However her brother Dod another defender was infinitely cruel and would pour misfortune and hardship onto the lines of fate for those he encountered.

The last defender was Omnisint the all-seeing. Omnisint never used the passe-partout, he viewed travelling as unnecessary. “We guard the universe, not its inhabitants.” He would say to his fellow defenders, but still they would leave for the young are always curious.


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