Saturday Word of the Day: Agnize

*Agnize: to recognize; acknowledge

Etta was not happy, the command board had refused to assign her an off-world post.

“This is so stupid!” she bemoaned her fate, “I’m ready, and I can handle it why won’t the recognize my skills?”

Juliper rolled her eyes, “Well according to the report they feel you don’t agnize their power, and thus that you cannot be trusted in a position so far away from central command.”

“Ughh what does that even mean?”

“Well Etta it means they don’t trust you to take orders.”

“Gah not that part Juliper, that whole ‘you don’t agnize their power’ bit.” Etta pulled herself into a straight posture to glare at her friend.

Juliper cocked an eyebrow at her.

“Come on Juliper you know that I’m not trying to antagonize them, so what’s it supposed to mean?”

“Agnize doesn’t mean antagonize Etta.”

Etta blinked her eyes, open and shut, repeatedly at Juliper.

“OH MY GOD ETTA, how did you even pass the entrance exams for the military school… how did you pass military school?”

Juliper was up on her feet now pacing the room, snapping her gaze back to Etta every few seconds,

“Etta come on, this is so simple. Agnize means to recognize, you know you complain they don’t recognize your skills well they’re saying they feel you don’t recognize their authority.” It all came out as a jumbled mess of words but at least Etta stopped blinking.

O-oh that’s what it means,” Etta slowly got up from her body mould chair then flashed a smile at Juliper before exiting the room, “thanks Juliper. Now at least I know what I have to work on.”

– END –


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