Saturday Word of the Day: Xyst

*Xyst: A garden walk planted with trees

Hunting for faeries was John’s new favourite pastime or at least it was his daughter Rosie’s. John would do anything for his bubbly four year old, even crouch down in the mud and peer at mushrooms or climb trees to search for little houses. And that was why on a cloudy Sunday afternoon he was in a xyst searching amongst trees and bushes for signs of little people in shimmery clothes.

“Did ya find anyting daddy?” Big blue eyes shimmered over his shoulder.

“Not yet sweetie but I’m sure we will soon.” John didn’t have the heart to tell his little girl that he didn’t believe that faeries existed, or that he didn’t like these little trips. No, he’d much rather get a rush from his allergies and be covered in mud than dishearten Rosie.

And so he kept looking for faeries every Sunday afternoon, always coming away with nothing but always reassuring his ray of sunshine that next time they’d find something.

– END –


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