Saturday Word of the Day: Zedonk

*Zedonk- the offspring of a zebra and a donkey

It was a strange creature for a first pet. Even at four Lily knew that much.

The Zedonk as her father had said was rather special.

For one the partially striped creature refused to be saddled, even ten years on it would not agree to being saddled.

Secondly it loved being ridden, though it didn’t seem like the type of creature that would take kindly to her sitting on it the Zedonk always seemed to silently insist that if she was going to go out and about she ride it.

Thirdly Lily was pretty sure only her Zedonk, “Mr Z”, liked being ridden and that it was not something other Zedonks liked.

And finally for some reason it was a metaphor for her life. With a zoo keeper for a father and a geologist for a mother Lily had never had an unweird day, no everyday was always exceptionally weird and that had just been cemented when somehow on her fourth birthday her father had got her a pet Zedonk.

– END –

*Sorry this was so late today.


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