Saturday Word of the Day: Anon

*Anon: In a short time, soon.

Kasey: [Barry where are you?]
Barry: [Almost there :)]
Kasey: [ETA?]
Barry: [Anon ;)]
Kasey: [Barry??]
[Yo where are you? You messaged me like half an hour ago]
Jules: [Kasey, can you talk?]
Kasey: [Yeah what’s up?]

(Starships were meant to fly~)

“Hello, what’s up JuJu?”
“Kase I don’t know how to say this…”
“Say what? Jules what are you trying to say?”
“Kase, Barry was in an accident_”
“An accident? What kind of accident?”
“He’s dead Kasey. It was a major accident… look I think you should come over, it’ll be-”
(muffled crying)
“-it’ll be easier to explain.”
“H-h-how? w-why?”
“Just come over, I’ll explain.”
“Alright… I-I’ll be over anon.”

“Kasey you’re here… umm take a seat.”
“S-soo how did it happen?”
“Texting whilst at the wheel, using his phone.”

– END –

*Sorry it’s so late today.


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