It’s Not Easy Being Meta – The Flu/ A Common Cold

People always want to be special, everyone wants to be unique… well almost everyone.
Here at Meta-House we would all happily settle for being average, because being special isn’t all that great. Sure being able to fly sounds fun, and who doesn’t want to water bend like they do in Avatar The Last Airbender? But let me tell you this it is definitely not all it’s cracked up to be.

“Ugggh why is the water sooo cold, I just want warmth!” Even though the cold water tap hasn’t even been turned on the water dribbles out in cool tendrils mocking my attempts at a hot shower.

“Can’t you just manipulate the water molecules to be warmer?” Lo calls out from the stall beside mine.

“Nooo, if I could then I would but water manipulation doesn’t work like that. All I can do is move it around and stuff”


“Oh whatever Lo (cough) like your powers are any better.” Debating the lameness of each others gifts is common in Meta-House, though recently most of the jeering has been directed at Lucy.

“Still better than Lucy’s powers!” calls a soft voice, must be someone whose passing by the bathroom- the walls here aren’t very thick.

“Hey I don’t contend that my powers are an- achoo” the stall on my other side shudders a little, “any good. I mean what kind of super healing gift doesn’t protect you from the common cold?” Yeah that’s right she has super healing, and she’s got the flu.

“That is super lame,” pipes up Lo as I hear the taps in her stall turn off, maybe now I can get some hot water.

“I know right! I mean I can get gouged in the stomach and I’ll be fine, but my body can’t cure itself of the damn flu? Gods my powers stink!” Lucy would usually be gloating about how her powers have the least downsides, fortunately the cold passing around Meta-House has put a damper on her smugness and brought her to the house norm of lame.

“Oh yeah they definitely stink, that is a major fault in your powers. I mean you’d think super healing would make you immune to illness-

“Finish that sentence and I’ll punch your face, just because my powers are lame like everybody else’s doesn’t mean I’m going to tolerate everybody else ragging on them.”

“(cough, cough) spoilt sport, Lo got to make fun.”

“Lo is on much friendlier terms with me (cough, sputter, cough), I think I need to get out of the shower and take a lie down.” Lucy’s taps turn off.

“Come on hot water.” I chant under my breath, but to my dissatisfaction I am drenched in more cold water. “I hate being sick.”

~ Water Manipulation Meta Cherry

– END –

A/N: I hope you liked the first instalment of It’s Not Easy Being Meta (INEBM), each instalment will hopefully be told from the point of view of a different Meta (we’ll see how it goes).


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