It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Drowsy

My head rocks back and forth, my eyes flitter flutter. Like a cat I paw at my face trying to rub away the drowsiness.

“Michele? Michele, wake up man. You know you can’t sleep here,”

I can hear parts of sentences in my semi-conscious state, I can make out my name and ake and can’t and eep. It’s so hard to listen when I can’t help nodding off.

“Gosh leave it to a dream walker to always be sleeping.”

Ngh I can still here small pestering sounds, shh noisy world I am sleeping.

“Give me a hand would you Matty.”
“Why should I help you carry your roommate back upstairs? I just came down here to get some chocolate milk”
“Ah seriously Matty? You have super strength, lifting Michele back to our dorm room won’t even be hard for you. Come on man you can get the chocolate milk after we take him upstairs.”
“Matty,  please. I mean look at me, I’m super flexible and rubber like,  I have like zero muscles… I’m not even sure if I have proper bone structure!”
“Fine. But I want your dessert tonight.”
“Sure, whatever let’s just move him.”

It feels as if I am floating, the noises have been significantly reduced.

“Jeebus Matty you dropped him”
“Oww, stupid noises go away”
“Looks like the fall woke him up.”
“Because you dropped his darn noggin on the steps!”
“Augh, what are you doing here John? Wait why am I on the steps? ”

~Dream walker metahuman Michele

– END-


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