It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Literally invisible

It’s hard being a social outcast,  a recluse, someone whose on the fringe of society. Hard because no matter what you wear you look weird, no matter what you do it’s weird. There’s just no winning when you choose to be different, to go against the grain. Or at least there’s no winning for me.

I’ve always been different, shier than most, a little soft spoken – invisible. People ALWAYS bump into me, everyone is always knocking me over, pushing me without meaning too and saying things about me without realising I’m there. And nobody ever stands up for me, not even me.

Oof, another person jostles past me and knocks me off balance- in my head I shout at them

“Hey Watch It!”

Oh dear I didn’t actually say that out loud did I?

“Yo Shaun I’m talking to you, watch where you’re going dork!”

Oh god, let me just vanish from the face of the Earth,  I swear I’m not speaking.

“Hey Marie what’s your problem I didn’t even bump you?”
“You ignoramus I’m not Marie I’m Sally, what an oaf you charge right through paying no mind to your housemates.”
“Whoa Marie what are you saying?”

Oh lord it’s Marie spouting her mouth, she must of picked up on my anger… ahh no she’s going to cause an episode.

“I’m saying I’m Sally and you better damn well apologise you buffoon!”
“Oh you did not just insult me again!”
“Uhh sorry she’s picking up on me sorry”
“What if I did PUNK!?”
“Why I oughta!”

Oh no, no, no, no. He’s going to punch her.

“Ssss-STOP! It was me, y-you bumped into me… Mmm-Marie was just ppp-picking up on my feelings, I was disgruntled, sh-she didn’t mean to insult you, she’s an empath she can’t help it.”

Blathering, I am blathering, my mouth is flapping and word vomit is coming out. I could die of embarrassment.

“Oh Sally didn’t see your clothes there.” His fist is an inch from Marie. He’s lowering it, thank goodness.

“Sorry Marie didn’t realise you were picking up an emotion and not just being crazy.”

Marie seems to be calming down, maybe?

“Uggh wicked head rush, uhh what’s going on? ”

Okay she’s calmed down, good, now I can flee and act like this never-

“Oh yeah sorry to you too Sally, for bumping into you… but it is kind of hard to avoid bumping you, you are invisible after all.”
“(Sigh) Yeah I know.”

I turn slowly away and the hem of my purple, Victorian style dress swishes. To all other eyes the dress is hovering, after all I’m an invisible girl.

~ Sally Invisibility Meta (The Invisible Girl)
– END –


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