It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Snow Day

This is what I live for.

Sweaters, scarves, ear-muffs, beanies, snowboards, skis, SNOW!

When you have powers of perpetual cold and are always wearing long sleeved shirts, snow days are amazing because suddenly you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. And people stop questioning your cold hands!

Snow days at Meta House are epic, they’re even better than regular snow days. When we have snow days here at Meta House things go off the rail. Heat and fire metas warm up the dorm and prep hot coco, ice metas, water metas and cold metas like myself team up to make ski slopes, snowboard ramps and rails, and everyone else gets down with the big snowball fight.

I love the snowball fight, watching it is like playing who would win. Who would win in a fight between Cherry and Lo?  Who would win in a fight between Matty and Shaun? Who would win in a fight between Sally and Lucy? And you get to see the answer. Cherry, Shaun, Sally! It’s better than tv.

Of course snow days don’t happen everyday, and once the day is over its back to being ostracized for cold hands.

~ Tommy perpetual cold meta

– END –


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