It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Static Electricity

You would think having electric powers would be awesome, it is not.

My hair is a mess. Strands of hazelnut stick out all over the place. I try once more to straighten it out with a little pat down, only to make even more strands stick out.

“Uggh, fine I give up!” I huff and puff for a bit and then exit my room.

Zap. I get a little tingly shock as I close the door behind me.

It’s not far from my room to the stairwell, but the floor is fully carpeted and by the time I get to the railing I’ve conducted enough electricity to create a small spark when my hand grabs for the metal.

I hold the railing the whole way down, occasionally hearing small shocked gasps as my housemates grab the railing.

When I get to the kitchen it is a relief, no more carpet just tiles and wooden chairs at a wooden bench. First I grab some cereal, then a special wooden bowl, then some milk and then… darn it all the wooden spoons are gone. Cold metal is quickly heated when I grab a metal spoon and get a small shock.

At last I can eat breakfast, some of my housemates have joined me in the kitchen now and are chattering away as they gather their foods and cutlery of choice.

“Nice hair Lori”
“Yeah I really like this whole scruffy look you have going on Delores.”
“Hey leave Lori alone, you know she can’t help her hair looking like that.”

Of course amongst my housemates there are a few who just piss me off. So as I go to wash up I jostle close to the two who were joking about my hair and give them a little shock.

Sometimes there’s just a small silver lining to being meta.

~ Delores electricity meta

– END-


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