Saturday Word of the Day: Troth

*Troth:  one’s word or promise

Lucy circled him, he would be hers- nevermind his engagement to her sister.

It didn’t take long to corner him, alone in the kitchen, the door locked to keep pesky intruders out.

Slowly she strides towards him, her right palm caresses his face and she blows softly against his ear.

“I. Want. You.”

He pulls back, roughly hitting the benchtop with the mid of his back.

“What are you talking about?”

He goes to maneuver around her but she pounces onto the chopping board and slams her heel onto the benchtop, blocking his way with her exposed leg.

“Don’t run Noah, I know you’ve always wanted me.”

“Maybe a long time a go, but I am betrothed to your sister and I love her.”

He darts the other way but her other leg comes down, trapping him between. Now the soft red of her lingerie are visible, and he is trying not to look.

“Forget her, Agitha is so boring.”

“No I gave her my troth, I will not break it.”

Lucy cannot help but giggle, troth- he is so old fashioned.

“Look at you and your fancy old words. Clearly you’re aroused.” She pulls her dress bottom up, fully exposing the lingerie beneath. “Don’t deny yourself Noah.”

“No, I will not break my troth.” He pushes against her leg, wincing she moves it reluctantly.

“Please Noah I want you.”

Jumping down she runs and embraces him from behind pushing her breast against him.

“No, you don’t. You want Aggie to be miserable. You only want what you can’t have.”

Forcefully he removes himself from her embrace and strides to the kitchen door. He unlocks it and leaves, he will never be hers.

– END-


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