It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Sleepless Nights

Sonic metas are the worst roommates ever. Hello no one said sonic snoring when they were pitching me to move in, nobody told me I’d be up all hours trying to drown out the thunderous, nasal noises.

Coming to meta house was almost the best decision of my entire life. Until my first roommate almost burnt me alive with her fire breath, my second roommate stunk out the room with all her animal friends’ little surprises and now my newest roommate is trying to make me deaf.

As a simple, easy going light absorption meta that requires plenty of sun, I need my beauty sleep. None of which I have got since changing roommates for the second time.

However I have just made the absolute best decision of my life ever. Allie is a great roomie besides the snoring, so instead of requesting a room change I’m investing. Investing in a set of ultra paded earmuffs made to block out the sound of a jet plane and a fog horn combined. I shall sleep again, oh yes I shall sleep.

~ Molly light absorption meta

– END-


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