It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Less Flight

Flight, an aspiration of human kind since they first observed birds. The reason we have aeroplanes. A dream that all humans long to have as a reality, except me.

Being a meta with the gift of flight would be cool, if I was like Angel or Archangel from X-Men and had some kind of wings. However that is not what I have, no I have more of a gravitational manipulation gift. That’s right I manipulate the force of gravity.

Now don’t get caught up imagining me soaring through the skies. I most certainly do not soar, most of the time I don’t even use my powers and if I do use them it’s more of a light hovering thing.

NOT that I can’t fly! My housemates often snicker and rag on me for my powers, it’s meta house standard to razz housemates about their powers but I get a lot more flack than some. You see it is a matter of control, the less gravity the less control, so if I do fly high it is a very wobbly effort.

I look like a person trying to ride a unicycle when I fly. It is very unflattering. Gosh my power is useless.

~ Gravity Manipulation Meta Lo



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