It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Hayfever

Spring time, what a wonderful time of year. Flowers blooming. Birds returning to their nests. Furry little critters coming alive.
“Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhchooo!”
Bumble bees collecting honey. Outdoor excursions. Picnics.
“Ahhh, oh no, Chuuu”
Metahumans getting ready for parent day at metahouse. Teenagers rushing in the halls to get to classes or spring clean their room, ready for mum and dad’s arrival.
“Ahhchooohoo, hoo, hoo!”

“Eww gross Casey your particles totally just went straight through me!”
“Sorry, chuu”
Yes, spring is fantastic for everyone but me.

Oh you have Hayfever too? And spring always works up your allergies? You sneeze all day as well? Oh I’m sorry let me just point out why that’s still better than with what I put up with. I would kill to be normal and just have Hayfever, but oh no I have to be a meta.

I mean seriously I’d be fine with being meta and having Hayfever, just not with my powers!

You see, I’m a teleporting meta or if you want to be technical a partical/molecule control meta with the ability to disassemble and reassemble my own particles. This means I can move myself from one place to another fairly quickly. It also means everytime. I sneeze I become a mass of floating particles.


Everytime I disassemble unexpectedly. because of my molecular instability, it takes a while to click that I’m not actually a solid. This means I spend a few minutes hovering about as a cloud of particles before popping back into being. It also means sometimes my particles travel through people or I end up somewhere unexpected- like in the boy’s bathroom.

“Oh my god Casey! What are you doing here! ”
“Sorry! Choo,”

It is very frustrating. Especially when it happens repeatedly across short spans of time, like everyday in Spring.

~ Casey teleport meta



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