Saturday Word of the Day: Galoot

*Galoot: an awkward, eccentric or foolish person

“Urgh, get out of the way you big galoot, you lummox, you big dolt!”

He blinks at her. His big soft, fiery eyes flickering open and close. For a moment she is mesmerised by the faint glint in his eyes, and then he moved.


He mumbled. The barely audible word seemed out of place. She found his soft spoken manner to conflict with the large, bulky exterior her eyes beheld.

“Ahh, Danica you are here.”

A woman appears at the edge of her vision. Slowly, swathed in soft fabrics the woman glides into the frame. Her hand falls on the chest of the galoot.

“I see you’ve already made the acquaintance of my dear Charon. Isn’t he charming?”

Danica’s eyes roam over the galoot. He shuffles a little under her gaze, she smirks, perhaps he had some value- she supposed he was good looking.

“Well he’s no Greek God.”

There’s a chuckle from the woman. Charon seems to blush a little and turns just so towards the woman. He mumbles softly into her ear, her eyebrows cross.

“Alright, well I’ll see you at dinner then.”

She kisses his cheek softly. Her hand caresses his cheek, and she breathes something softly into his ear. He leaves, though his eyes stay on the woman for a few moments.

“Yes Charon is no Greek God, but he’s very good to me.”

“Is he a Golem then?”

Danica can’t help but poke fun. The woman had never been good with men. However her speciality was with animation.

“No. He’s not a Golem, Danica!”

It’s like acid. The words are spat at her fiercely. She always was touchy.

“Please, relax Sellie. He’s very large… a bit of a galoot by the looks.”

Sellie frowns at her.

“He’s not a galoot. I love him and I won’t have you nosing about and being mean. Or have you trying to steal him.”

Ouch. Sellie has always been intuitive, Danica has to admit she’s tempted to lure the galoot away- to crush Sellie completely. She’d done it before hadn’t she? It’s Sellie’s fault if she chooses to trust her again.

“Anyway, I summoned you here to help with something. Shall we?”

Her arm is extended to Danica. She takes the arm.

– END –


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