Saturday Word of the Day: Boobook

*Boobook: a small, reddish-brown spotted owl

“What is that?”

Danica had not expected a creature in her room. She was not expecting a feather molter to be perched on her bed-head.

“Sellie, what is this thing?”

It bobbed its head at her. As if it understood that she was talking about it.

“It’s a boobook!”

Sellie said that like it was obvious, like Danica should understand.

“What the hell is a boobook?”

The thing ruffled it’s wings, cocked its head, stared at Danica.

“Well as you can see, it is a small owl. A reddish-brown spotted owl.”

Yes, yes, Danica could see that. Still why was it here? Sellie didn’t have a familiar, she was supposed to specialise in animation- she didn’t do real creatures.

“What’s it doing here?”
“I made it.”

What? What? What? 
Danica’s head was throbbing.

“It’s a golem. I crafted it with clay, and brought it to life.”

She created it? Danica had never seen Sellie’s magic at work, she’d seen golems but nothing this real. It was astonishing and honestly very frustrating.


Danica had strong magic but she had never been able to create a golem, let alone something this real. Sellie on the other hand had always seemed weak.


*A/N: Recognise these characters? Yep it’s the witches from the Saturday Word of the Day: Galoot post.


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