Saturday Word of the Day: Deiform

*Deiform: godlike or divine in form or nature

Not many gods in mythology could be considered deiform in nature.

The legends of these gods tell of them being cruel, pranksters, adulterers and psychopaths.

From a psychological point of view it seems strange that these were deities worshipped by human kind for so long.

But perhaps “Man created gods in his own image, to make himself more deiform in turn.”

The book slams shut as the reader finishes. ‘Gods of Old’ is scrawled across the cover in gold writing.

The student who had been reading the book gets up and returns it to the shelf.

Not the most interesting material but it could be referenced, it would bulk up the bibliography of their report.

The student returns to the book, their hand hesitates a moment and then removes it from the shelf.

They proceed to the library checkout.


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