Saturday Word of the Day: Panivorous

*Panivorous: subsisting on bread, bread-eating

“Oh my gosh this garlic bread is soo good, ooh is that naan?”

“Yeah I think so, so you like this?”

“The bread festival? Yeah I L-O-V-E, love the bread festival. Oh hot bread rolls!”

“It’s just bread.”

“Yeah but bread is sooo yummy. I mean I could totally be Panivorous, I love eating bread.”

“But that’d be really unhealthy.”

“So? They make fruit bread, and nutty breads, lots of different breads… I’m sure you could make it being Panivorous if you really wanted to.”

“Wouldn’t you get tired of the taste of bread?”

“Nope, different breads taste different. Like this olive bread is sooo different from that plain old wholegrain bread I had for breakfast. Plus you can toast bread, that changes the taste.”


“You know if sandwiches are allowed then I could totes be Panivorous.”



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