Songs into Stories 1: Radioactive- Imagine Dragons (

Emerald orbs strain to focus, the air is filled with ash and dust. His skin ripples, as if something was travelling beneath it. Muscles strain and limbs flex as he pulls himself from the ground. The prisoner’s brow is beaded from sweat from the intense heat of the room, slowly he wipes it away.

“So what now Doc?” He calls out to the room. All is silent for a while and then there is a crackling, like a dodgy transmission over a radio.

“CONGRATULATIONS Prisoner 91820, you PASS!” All of a sudden the voice booms loudly all around him. “Welcome to the new age NOAH ALTRUM.”

It’s been a long time since he’s heard that name, his name. He furrows his brow looking ahead at the emptiness.

“So? Just like that I get to leave? I’m free?”

“YES! Can’t you feel it NOAH? You are RS material, you are R compatible, can you not feel the change?”

Yes, he can feel something deep within his bones. It is like a burning sensation from within, it is empowering.

“Heh, alright I’ll bite. I can feel it Doc, now can I go?”

“OF COURSE NOAH! The prison bus is already here to take you away, this time it’ll be checking you out.”

A door suddenly appears ahead of him, and without thought he proceeds and opens the door.

It’s a strain to open his eyes, but he manages. However once his eyes are open it all comes rushing at once and before he knows what’s going on he’s keeled over vomiting.

“Welcome to the New Age buddy, your RS now.” A husky voice comes from behind him, “I see your already feeling all the wonderful side-effects of your newly chemically UN-balanced system.”

“What?” He manages to choke out between coughs.

“Don’t you know buddy? Your radioactive now, a part of the war machine.” The voice slowly fades as if the speaker was walking away, but in his current condition he is within no position to find out.

“So it’s really the apocalypse then.”

He’d been through months of training and physical conditioning before he was chosen for the RS exam, but now all that hard work seemed like it was gone. He needed to shape up more, said the commanders of the war machine, if he was to be an RS he’d have to understand what being radioactive meant.

“Urgh” Every morning it felt as if his system was being torn apart, but by evening he would feel indestructible.

He was allowed to participate in small battles and from what he observed he supposed it could be called a revolution.

A revolution against fate? In prison he had been unaware of the outside world’s current events. Humanity was fighting to escape time, the New Age everyone talked about was an attempt to push past the Milky Way and colonise a new galaxy before the sun died.

The purpose of RS and the war machine? To paint the battlefield red with the blood of alien civilisations that were encountered. It was funny, he who had been imprisoned for mass murder was made an RS… made radioactive, given such immense power. Truly when the apocalypse came mankind lost all its rationality and embraced fully hypocrisy.

– END –


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