Saturday Word of the Day: Whippersnapper

*Whippersnapper: an unimportant but offensively presumptuous person, especially a young one.

Nan wasn’t one to get cross, she was a sweet, kind-hearted, old lady. She’d tell you to mind your manners and not to swear, but there was never any threat to it. The old woman was what you’d call a softy.

So it was no wonder that on that crisp winter morning the whole neighbourhood’s jaw dropped. Never in the small town of Marmlebry’s history had anyone ever been so shocked.

What had started as a perfectly normal day in the Marmlebry market became one of the most iconic events in the town’s gossip chain. It had started in a toy store where a young mother with supped up boobs had bought all the Marmalade Marmlebry bears. Then it had dribbled into the food court where the same woman insisted on holding up the line for frozen yoghurt because she was talking on her phone.

And then, then it exploded in the jewellers.

“I don’t see why you just can’t sell me that watch right there!”

“Because it’s on hold for another customer miss,”

“Do you know who my husband is? Do you know how much money we have? I want that watch there, tell the other customer to choose something else.”

“We can’t do that, its no-

“I don’t care, sell me that watch!”

“Why I never, now listen here you whippersnapper; stop yelling at my granddaughter right this instance. She is just doing her job, you silicon bimbo. How dare you presume you can buy something that is already committed for another customer, you have no respect for others. Why if you were my granddaughter I’d give you a right smack on that fat bottom. You are that woman from the toy store and the food court, you’ve been causing grief all day and now you want to yell at my Sally, well I just won’t stand for it. Sally call the security guys and have them escort this whippersnapper off the premises, you don’t have to put up with her abuse!”

Sally Markem was mortified and astonished and a range of other mixed emotions, her boss was shocked and the customer was furious and embarrassed. It was an extraordinarily strange day for Marmlebry.

– END –


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