It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Swelter

It was hot, undeniably humid and unforgiving. This was not how I wanted my Christmas eve. Sure we live in Australia and this time of year is summer but I at least wanted to enjoy some air conditioning.

But Noooo the aircon had to break because some technopaths and some electrical gifted kids wanted to try play operation improvement. To cap it all off the heat and flame powered metas were all stuck indoors so as not to risk them starting a bush fire.

And here I am a poor, lowly shape shifter sweating it out in a fur coat. Oh sure I could change to a different kind of creature but the downside to my powers is I can only shift between my human form and a few felines, and at the current moment I’m stuck.

Yes shape shifting into a Birman may make you popular with the ladies but when you have an episode of being stuck in form you can quickly find yourself regretting such a fluffy choice. Sure all the cute girls, like Mindy the doctor dolittle of the house, were fawning over me but let me tell you a thing. Humans are hot and sweaty, meaning they transfer heat and I do not want more heat.

If only more of the cold and snow metas were girls or at least cat people. Alas I’ll have to just endure this sweltering Christmas eve.

~ Johnny feline shape shifting meta

– END-


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