Saturday Word of the Day: Astir

*Astir: moving or stirring, especially with much activity or excitement

The students of Witchbane Academy were astir, High Sorceress Melisandre Wolsmitt was coming. Freshman dormitories were abuzz with rumours about the famed Witch of Wonders, senior dormitories were giddy with nerves over the Enchantments Competition she would be hosting and everyone was after a glimpse of her ride.

“It’s said that she rides a fiery Chimera!”

“Poppycock, you can’t ride a Chimera. She rides  a splendid licorice pegasus!”

“That’s all hogwash, she doesn’t ride a creature. Everyone knows she drives a classic Austin-Healey.”

Everyone had heard a different story and everyone thought they were right. As it turned out, she arrived in a multi-coloured tendril of smoke.

Melisandre Wolsmitt was herself astir, she wanted to drink in everything that had changed at her Alma mater.Not to mention her delight at being able to show off her brand new, bouncing baby boy to all her old friends who were now professors.

Once the students caught sight of the baby all disappointment at not being right vanished and now they all simply needed to get a closer look at the adorable little warlock.

– END –


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