Saturday Word of the Day: Augur

*Augur: To Predict

There was a heavy mist within the temple. Skin could slip easily on the smooth marble steps, or so it felt underfoot.

Maya’s stomach had a heavy feeling to it as she stepped through the foggy atmosphere to approach the seer.

“Stop there young one or you may fall deep into the pit.” A voice rang out, seeming to come from all around.

Maya stopped in her tracks, glancing to see if she could see the source of the voice.

“I augur that you have come with a special request, speak child.”

She wet her lips, and swallowed her nerves. “Indeed seer I have come to request that you reveal to me what my brother’s path shall be, will he truly follow a dark path?”

“That is a heavy question child, know that you may not like the answer you receive. Nonetheless I shall fulfill your request, listen closely my child.”

The mist seemed to increase in density, swirling around Maya.

“On his sixteenth name day your brother will augur from a crow that an attack will befall the village, he shall be correct but only this once.”

In the mist Maya can see the shapes of a grown man and a crow.

“For truly your brother shall grow to be a false prophet. What he shall augur will only appear to be true and thus shall slowly lead to the demise of your people.”

The mist images grew violent and dark before vanishing. Maya was troubled by what the seer augured but still she could not take back her question now.

– END-

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