Saturday Word of the Day: Phillumenist

*Phillumenist: a collector of matchboxes

He wasn’t perfect, that was good to know. But perhaps his hobby was a bit out of control, Stacy couldn’t help thinking as she looked at the wall frames filled with multicolored matchboxes.

“I’m a phillumenist!” He had blurted out upon their five month anniversary, she’d almost had a heart attack thinking it was something terrible gross, illegal or horrific. The relief that had washed over her when he clarified the word’s meaning was wonderful, he’s not another weirdo she’d said to herself.

She was beginning to take those words back. The boxes were from every hotel you could imagine, there was hundreds of thousands of boxes. At least it’s not butterflies she thought, remembering one particularly traumatic boyfriend who she had surprised one night only to discover his house was racked with butterfly paraphernalia and butterfly specimens all neatly arranged.

This hobby isn’t so bad, I’m sure it could be much worse. Stacy was trying to calm herself, David had been perfect and this was just a small imperfection- surely that should be reassuring. After all of her dud boyfriends, the freaks with strange kinks and the gory collectors, couldn’t she just be happy?

“It’s freaking you out isn’t it?”

She jumped a little from the surprise, turning to see David flashing her a weak smile and holding a cup of tea.

“I know I should of told you sooner but I’m not exactly proud of it, I just love collecting matchboxes. If you want I could get rid of them though…”

He passed her the tea, looking like a kicked puppy. She felt so horrible, here he was offering to give up something he loved for her and she was actually considering the offer seriously.

“No, no I wouldn’t feel right asking you to give it up… but maybe you could keep them stored away?”

That wasn’t so bad was it? She really did like him, after all her let downs she wanted to try to at least look past the imperfection.

“Y-yeah I could do that,” he looked her in the eyes and she could see he was happy. She gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Good, then lets continue on as if nothing has changed.”

– END-


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