It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Self Harm

Happy people don’t hurt themselves, they don’t have mental breakdowns and just start screaming. But what about all those people who are just faking? Do they do this, do the try to suffocate themselves?

I’m not after attention, I just need to remind myself that I’m alive. Remind myself that death is scary and physical pain can be worse than mental agony.

The areas that I ran a blade across have completely faded. Even if I wanted to get attention from this I wouldn’t be able too, I heal so fast.

Nobody seems to understand that I’m this way, that I’m broken. Not crippled or hurt but mentally unsound. And when I get this way, it’s hard to remember that some people love me and perhaps would miss me.

Then again, I’m not even sure if I can die with the conventional methods.

~ Lucy, super healing meta
– END-


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Meta: Self Harm

    1. Thanks for the support, I’ll admit I was drawing on personal experience and feelings for this post but I’m working through my troubles with friends and family. I encourage anyone who can relate to this post to please discuss their feelings with someone they trust.

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