Songs Into Stories 2- Inspired by the song Brave by Sara Bareilles 

Milly was always quiet, never argued and never interrupted. Her sisters Agatha and Christine were different. Agatha was made for arguing, butting heads with everyone and never backing down from a fight, when she’d finished high school she escaped to Yale to study law. Then there was Christine who was outspoken and creative, she always had new ideas and was doing her own thing. Christine had left for New York to study drama, leaving Milly all alone with their mum.

It had all been fine till their mother had remarried, her new husband was a nightmare. Most nights poor quiet Milly was hiding, clutching the phone and praying for her sister’s to answer.

When Agatha and Christine had returned for the holidays they could sense something was wrong. And when Milly had sneaked into their room, their suspicions were confirmed.

“Milly what are you doing?” Agatha was a light sleeper so the simple creak of the door had woken her.

“I’m scared, can I sleep with you tonight?” It was like the sound of butterfly wings, barely audible.

“Milly, is it David? Is he what you’re scared of? Have you told mum?”

She somewhat nodded her head, creeping forward towards Agatha’s bed.

“Milly you can be anything you want, but to do that you have to fight… you have to be brave. Yes sometimes the shadows win but you have to let the light in to try.”

“What the hell are you babbling, aren’t I meant ti be the actor in this family?” Agatha’s voice had awoken Christine whose eyes slowly adapted to the light to see Milly.

Milly had crawled onto Agatha’s bed now, and was looking at her feet. Christine slowly pulled herself from bed to join her sisters.

“What’s this about?”

“Its David, I told you that Milly hadn’t been prank calling us. It was you wasn’t it Milly, those light night phone calls with nobody on the other line.”

Milly nodded.

“It’s okay to be frightened Mil, everyone has been there. Everybody has been stared down by the enemy, been scared and bowed before the mighty but you need to be brave. You need to say what you want to say.” Christine pulled her little sister into a hug.

“Yeah Mil you can’t just run, the only way out of your bird cage is to be brave. We want to see you be brave. Your history of silence won’t serve you here, tell them the truth, tell mum.”

“Agatha’s right, we just want to see you be brave. Stand up for yourself Milly, it’s the only way… after all Agatha and I won’t always be here.”

“I don’t know how” Milly mumbled, but her loud sisters knew how to hear her.

“We’ll help you, we’ll be with you, you just need to say what you want to say.”

All night her sisters pushed her, trying to inspire her. And the next day it came.

“M-mum! I nnneed to speak to you,”

“What is it Milly?”


“Go on Milly, let the words fall out and say what you want to say.” Urged Agatha.

“D-David is a bad person! He’s cruel and abusive, mmmmost nights I hide from him. He scares me and I don’t feel safe with him here!” Milly burst out, it was the loudest she’d ever been.

Her mother broke into tears, and it all came tumbling out. She had been afraid too, she wanted to go to the cops but she was scared. With her daughters’ aid though she felt she could be brave.



4 thoughts on “Brave

  1. Woah! What a powerful story based on one of my favorite songs. 🙂 I am glad to read a story based on a Sara Bareilles song. For me she is one of the best lyricist that we have now. 😀

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