Saturday Word of the Day: Oology

*Oology: the study of eggs (distinctively a branch of ornithology that studies birds eggs)

When your favorite hobby as a child is oology and you spend your days searching for birds nests it is rather safe to say when you grow up you’ll want to work with birds and their eggs. That at least is how Howard came to work in the hatchery of his local zoo. It was bliss for him in the hatchery where he could really buckle into oology, after all there was a much larger variety of birds at the zoo then in his backyard.

And oology had its perks he found, when you worked in such a bizarre field all your coworkers would likely be just as ostracized and nutty as you. Not to mention unlike most people they would view your hobby as fun and interesting. It was a coworker such as this that introduced Howard to Emily.

Emily liked oology, though she was much more interested in adult birds than their eggs. She worked at the museum and was just as much a social outcasts as Howard. It was Emily who swept Howard off his feet, and made birdy jokes with him and called for him by saying “how, how” instead of “hoo, hoo” like an owl.

And so his hobby in oology lead to many great things for Howard.

– END-


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