Wednesday Prompt Smash: Goblins aren’t so different from us

A/N: So my co-worker/friend Tim came up with this idea of giving each other prompts/themes and word limits on Fridays and publishing stories based on these on Wednesday. This is the first time we are doing this, if he starts up a blog to post his work I’ll be sure to link it on the projects page and in subsequent Wednesday Prompt Smash posts. Anyway without further ado the story.

Prompt: Goblins aren’t so different from us
Word Limit: 500
“Alright students, gather around it is time to pick your thesis topics out of the hat,” cried Professor Olbourne, there were a few dejected sighs and a lot of shuffling as us students clambered down the aisle stairs to our Philosophy Professor. “Now everyone line up nice and orderly, once you’ve grabbed your topic out of the hat please show it to me so I can pass onto you any aid I have for your topic. Now let us begin.”
The line was long and torturous, What if I get a bad topic? I kept thinking to myself as I slowly approached closer to the hat. Finally when I made it to the front I pulled out my topic and read the thin paper strip: Goblins aren’t so different from us. I show the strip to Professor Olbourne, “Ah excellent choice, this one I threw in as a favour to one of my grad students whose currently conducting an investigation on goblin societies and looking for an assistant. Oh you’ll get to admire goblin constructs first hand; it’s an observation on a local hobgoblin clan. Exciting!”

And so I found myself in a burrow for the semester break, “Hello I’m looking for Antiquis?” I declared as I marched into the dank tree-made cave. “Hello there!” A voice suddenly responded to me, the peculiar thing was it seemed to be coming from above me, and then whoosh I felt my hat being removed and whoosh again there was a man standing in front of me, hat in hand. “Hello, I am Antiquis and welcome to the burrow. Now you must be Simon, Professor Ol told me all about you. Lucky you getting to be my assistant.” He chattered on and on, “Now I really love Myth U and I’m planning to get it on the map of big Universities, I have just got to write a SMASHING research paper that’ll blow philosophers out of their seats…” It was never ending.
The only time Antiquis didn’t talk was when he was observing, and he only observed when we visited the Hobgoblin colony. It was a tight-knit community, they supported each other. These mischievous fae almost seemed normal when we were observing, though sometimes it seemed like they were studying us and not the other way around. Antiquis loved the Hobgoblins, said he couldn’t imagine a better species of goblin to observe, I didn’t mind them either as for the most part they were friendly.

In no time at all my thesis was due and so I finished my research and I wrote it:
Goblins at least of the Hobgoblin variety are not so different from us, they feel emotions. They can love and cry and go through heartbreak, just because they are fae folk and seem to be little tricksters does not mean they are oh so different from us humans. After immersing myself in observation I am certain of this and so in my thesis I will prove goblins are not so different from us because they think, feel and experience life.
Word count: 513 words


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