Wednesday Prompt Smash: Hell Bound

A/N: It’s that time of the week again, Wednesday prompt smash is a project between my co-worker/friend Tim and I, you can read more about it on my Projects page. For Tim’s work check out

Prompt: Hell Bound

Word Limit: 600 words

Life is hard enough when you have to live it, putting up with all the little obstacles and dealing with all the emotions. It is hard without considering your soul and the afterlife, but yet still humans insist on trying to figure out their path in life and try to save their souls. Truly it is a ridiculous concept, how can you prepare yourself for the afterlife if you can’t even prove there is an afterlife?

Religious scriptures will tell of utopian gardens, pearly gates, rivers that inflict pain, fiery pits and reincarnation but how can any of that be taken as fact? How can it be that so many humans can simply have faith in something that has no certifiable proof?

As someone whose job it is to collect the souls of the dead it is simply troublesome that humans have invested themselves so much in the great unknown. They’ll even go as far to say that you can be technically dead for a few minutes and then come back, let me tell you if they come back whole then they didn’t really die- their soul is still with them and they do not know what lies beyond life. And if they come back not completely whole, if their essence seems to be missing well then they are gone and their soul has already been collected.

It is tiresome collecting the souls of these creatures that think they know what lies ahead, every single time I turn up for a soul they seem surprised.

“What the hell is that!?” They will say as I appear in front of them,

“Death, a pleasure to reap you.” I’ll say, humour is a human concept but they never seem to understand it.

“D-d-de-de-death?” Then there will be a pause, followed by

“I-I-I’m de-de-dead?”

“Yes you are, now please let us not waste time. I am a busy entity you know.”

“Where am I going? Heaven?” Of course this sentence isn’t always necessarily the same, sometimes it is: “What will I be in my next life? A tiger? A rabbit?” or something else depending on their religious views, why sometimes it is even: “Wait if I’m dead, why do I still feel alive, did religion have it right? There is an afterlife? I thought it would just be nothingness.”

Either way no matter the line I always say the same thing.

“No time for questions, we must be going.” Then I conjure the door, and gesture for them to open it wherein they find the stairs that go down.

“These stairs go down, am I going to Hell? But I can’t be hell bound I did everything right.” Again a line open to change but usually it is the same gist, they believe they are Hell Bound.

“I suppose you could call the afterlife hell, I suppose you could say you are hell bound, it certainly isn’t the paradise your scripture describes. Now please can you head down the stairs, I have other souls to collect.” I like to give them a little nudge here, just a soft push to start them on their way to hell.

Yes I suppose hell suits it; the name doesn’t really say anything but the place is no utopia. Indeed in a way everyone is Hell Bound, though perhaps not in the way they imagined.

– END –

Words: 558 words

A/N: I took this prompt very loosely and I hope I didn’t offend anyone with cultural/religious discrimination, if I did please know that was not my intention and I respect everyone’s right to their religious beliefs.


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