The Illuminated World: The Princess That Wanted To Be King


The Princess who wanted to be King

By: Sasha Hanton

Once upon a time in a land far away called the Illuminated World there was a princess called Reggie.

Reggie was boisterous and loved to play games within the palace. She liked kicking balls around in the grand hall and pretending that she was a general and the guardsman statues were her soldiers.

She also liked wearing sparkly dresses and twirling around in the ballroom, playing knights and damsels and dragons (switching between whichever character she wanted to play).

And she was eager to help out the maids and cooks, knew when to joke with the guards and when not to. Best of all Reggie liked to gaze in awe, through the glass ceiling up into the throne room, at her father the King as he worked, because there was only one thing Reggie wanted in life… And that was to be King.

But everyone said “Don’t be silly you’re a girl, you can’t be King. You’ll be Queen!” But Reggie didn’t want to be Queen she wanted to be King.

“I don’t want to be QUEEN, I want to be KING!” She shouted. But still people insisted a girl can’t be King.

However Reggie would not give up. And so she searched the library to find out why a girl could not be King. The dictionary said a King was a male monarch but the laws said nothing on a King having to be male. So she looked further. The books and the palace had pictures of the throne on which the King sat. And they all had the throne on top of a glass ceiling.

Reggie recalled the glass ceiling that covered the grand hall, which if you lay down on the carpet and looked up at you could view the throne room through. She recalled treading on the ceiling, which was the floor of the throne room, once when she had snuck in to see her father working. And so Reggie looked to see what the glass ceiling was for, but she could find no real purpose. All she found was that it caused division amongst the men and women of the Illuminated World.

“If this ceiling has no purpose and only causes upset then why is it there?” she mused.

She thought about all she had learnt and how she wanted to be King. “Is this ceiling what keeps me from being King and only lets me be a Queen?”

“I don’t like this ceiling.” Reggie decided. “And from what I’ve read nobody else does either!” That’s when Princess Reggie decided she would break the ceiling.

But a ceiling cannot be broken recklessly, a plan is needed.So Reggie thought long and hard about what she would need to do: she would need a way to break the ceiling for one; so she took a hammer and a chisel from the artisans’ workshop.

Secondly she would need to get into the throne room, not so easy a task seeing as girls were not allowed inside. But Reggie was cunning and disguised herself as a serving boy to gain access. Then during the evening Reggie snuck into the throne room. Nobody was in the room so in the doorway she stood carefully and put the chisel to the floor and then hit it with the hammer.

“CRACK!” A crack formed in the glass and slowly extended across the ceiling. Quickly Reggie retreated from standing on the glass. And suddenly it all fell away. Along with the glass from the ceiling the throne fell down into the main hall, and so Reggie ran down to where the throne fell, and jumped upon it.

Hearing the noise from the ceiling breaking all the courtiers, maids, guards, lords and ladies came running. And as everyone rushed into the main hall Reggie declared “The glass ceiling is gone and no law says a girl cannot be King. So now I am King!”

The people were confused; “No girl can be a king!” They shouted and argued. Eventually Reggie’s mother and father arrived, but they did not let their presence be known just listened.

“Well I am King!” shouted Reggie at those who would argue, “No You Cannot Be!” they would shout back.

“AHHAHAHA!” Reggie’s father broke out laughing, “Of course she can be King. Reggie is of royal birth and has rightly seized the throne for her own.”

“But your majesty” cried the arguers. “All she needs is the crown.” Finished the King, walking to his daughter.

The King knelt in front of Reggie and offered her his crown. “You are a very smart girl Reggie, I trust you’ll take care of the kingdom?” “Of course father! I only want everyone in the kingdom to be treated as equal.”

With that the old king rose and placed the crown on Reggie’s head, “Then I pronounce you now King Reggie of the Illuminated World! Long Live the King!”

The people weren’t sure what to say but soon after the announcement they decided to accept the new King with cheers!

The End


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