Wednesday Prompt Smash: Normal Week

A/N: It’s that time of the week again, Wednesday prompt smash is a project between my co-worker/friend Tim and I, you can read more about it on my Projects page. For Tim’s work check out

Prompt: “It has been a normal, boring week, but something just isn’t right.”

Word Limit: 300 words

“Cassandra, what did you want to discuss so urgently? We’re not scheduled for another session till next month.”

“Dr.Andrews, things feel wrong.”

“Wrong? Whatever do you mean Cassandra? What’s happened to you recently?”

“It has been a normal, boring week, but something just isn’t right. I don’t know what it is, I just can’t put my finger on it but I know something is wrong.”

“Try breaking down your week, perhaps if you examine it in detail you’ll find your answer.”

“What’s to examine? It was normal! I woke up on Monday and went to work, same on Tuesday, Wednesday and every other day of the week. On Friday I went for after work drinks and on Saturday I stayed home because it was my day off.”

“And on Sunday?”

“On Sunday, on Sunday… on Sunday I saw Jay.”

“You saw Jay?”

“Yeah I saw Jay, Jay had come over to see me… wanted to talk about how we left things.”

“Cassandra, do you realise what you are saying?”

“I know, I know Jay is bad for me. I know every time I get involved with Jay it gets toxic, but Jay’s just so hard to resist and I know it’s detrimental to my recovery but I just can’t resist Jay-“



“Jay is dead, Cassandra you know this. You can’t have seen Jay because Jay is dead.”

“N-no but, but I saw Jay. I saw Jay on Sunday, we talked, we had sex, we…”

“I’m going to prescribe you an anti-hallucinogen, you’re slipping Cassandra… and here I thought you were making such progress with your recovery.”


Words: 268 words


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