Wednesday Prompt Smash: Mad Scientist

Prompt: A mad scientist comes up with a solution for global warming, but the other scientist don’t approve

Word Limit: 400 words

A/N: So for this week’s prompt smash I’m taking a little inspiration from an episode of Futurama, so don’t be surprised if I reference the show. Also if you want to check out my friend Tim’s work-

“And so you see, we can put a kind of Band-Aid on global warming by cooling the planet. This can be done with my new advanced space-robot for harvesting ice from Mercury, I’ve analysed the properties of the ice and it is pure salt water meaning it would cause no harm to our ocean life if we harvested a chunk of it and placed it into the oceans for cooling the planet.”

“Mad Al’s completely off the rocker no way that would work.”

“However for this plan to work I need resources, resources that only you the high science alliance can offer.”

“Dr. Albert Erntein,”

“Yes, Professor Movrish?”

“Your request is denied.”

“B-but why? It will work, it is the best possible chance for our planet’s survival!”

“Here it comes Mad Old Al is about to burst.”

“Denied. Your mental stability makes any propositions by you untrustworthy and risky.”

“Now, see here Movrish, I may be called a ‘MAD’ scientist by you lot but I’ve got firm formulas to back me up and a working model of the robot here to demonstrate-

“DENIED Dr. Erntein!”

“B-b-but that’s not fair.”

“The High Science Alliance is not about fair or unfair, it is about an outstanding scientific reputation. If we were to accept you as a member and placed support in your idea and then your idea failed it would forever tarnish our sterling reputation.”


“As a Mental Alert Doctor, or MAD scientist you are under scrutiny for possible mental instability. No ideas of yours can be taken as authentic or safe.”

“Now see here, I may be on the MAD list but my ideas our sound. I’ll admit my idea may have come from a cartoon but I’ve done the research and it’s a sound proposition.”

“See you’ve just admitted that your ideas are not sound in their conception.”


“Now leave before you further embarrass yourself Dr. Erntein.”

Dr Albert Erntein sulked out of the High Science Alliance’s auditorium, and then it came to him- if the other scientist wouldn’t approve then he would implement his plan himself even if he needed to steal the resources. They may have made fun and called him mad before but in their refusal to accept his proposal, in their shunning of him and his hypothesis they had pushed him forth into true madness.

For a few months there were sporadic robberies of High Science Alliance member laboratories and then many months after Dr Albert Erntein’s rejection the newspapers were awash with news;


Words: 427 words


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