Wednesday Prompt Smash: Department Store

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Department Store

Prompt: What happened when I was locked inside a department store overnight

Word Limit: 600 words

A/N: That time of the week again, I was going to go humorous with this week’s piece but now I’m leaning towards something a bit more dramatic- you’ll just have to read on to see. Also if you want to check out my friend Tim’s work-

I’m not entirely sure how it happened. How I ended up trapped overnight in Big W, if I had to guess it started with me hiding from my twin sister’s in laws. Her mother-in-law to be specific who seemed convinced I was my sister or that I needed to be fixed up.

Truly I had not expected to fall asleep in the dressing room, and I certainly didn’t expect to wake up and find that the store was closed and all locked up. “Hello?” I called out, no answer.

I decided to walk around, maybe a security guard would see me on a camera and come to get me, or maybe I’d trip an alarm and the cops would come. By pure chance neither of these things occurred, I was trapped. And that’s when it occurred to me, I was living a kids dream.

So embracing my situation I decided to raid the candy section, I was starving and chocolate sounded like an excellent dinner choice. Once my hunger was satisfied I went to the toy section, might as well enjoy myself. It was much like a strange kid’s movie; I scootered down the aisles, played house with action figures and bounced a ball around the place. Finally I unpacked and pitched a tent from the outdoor section to rest in, everything would be fine when morning came and the store opened.

My twin sister Cam was missing, which wasn’t surprising when I found out my mother-in-law had seen her at Big W. What was strange was that her roommate Tammy hadn’t seen her since she left that morning to go shopping. Of course this meant I was stuck with no excuses for getting out of dinner with the in-laws.

‘I wish that this would end, I wish an asteroid would come down and blow the world to smithereens.’ As much as I loved my husband, Richard, his family was unbearable. However I was about to regret my ill-wishes, no matter how bad his in-laws were I never would of actually wanted them to come to harm.

Living in a military based town is nice, or at least that’s what I had always thought. That was until it happened.

When I awoke inside my tent I almost forgot where I was, but then I left the tent and remembered. I had been trapped in this department store all night. Adjusting my clothes I headed towards the electronics section, maybe I’d find some time-piece that knew what time it was. As luck would have it there was a clock behind the counter that clearly said 11am.

11am? That’s funny; shouldn’t the store be open by now? I headed for the front doors, they were still locked. That’s when I decided to break out with the help of the limited gardening and construction tools the store sold.

“What happened?” Cam stood in front of me, she was safe- she hadn’t been killed.


“Your sister’s a bit shook up Cam, we were just outside the blast zone when it happened.”

“But what happened? Lily?”

“I-i-it w-wa-wha-

“Someone hacked the main base’s computer system and fired a dozen missiles on the town.”

I don’t know why I couldn’t speak, Cam was my family and she was safe and unharmed. It was Richard who lost all his family.

“Not everyone was as lucky as us, we’re just lucky we live so far from the main residential area. How’d you avoid the attack?”

“I was locked inside a department store.”


Words: 588


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