Saturday Word of the Day: Cavil

*Cavil: to raise irritating and trivial objections; find fault with unnecessarily

She peered at the portrait which Anton had painted, “My nose is too pudgy, I can’t possibly use this!”

“Very well I will start from scratch, take a seat.” Anton did not think that the nose was too pudgy but he was happy to accommodate his friend.

Once the second portrait was done she came and observed it before announcing “You’ve painted it wrong, my skin is too green.”

“Very well, let us try again.”

And so it went on until Anton finished a portrait for the seventh time.

“One of my eyebrows is thicker then the other, I don’t like it. You’ll have to start again.”

“No. Enough is enough Ally, each time I paint a portrait for you and each time I present it to you, you are cavil. Always finding faults were there is nothing but perfection, either you accept one of these paintings or you leave empty handed.” He stomped his foot for good measure so she would know he was serious.

“Cavil? Me? I am insulted. And you won’t paint anymore for me? That is nonsense, we are good friends and I will pay you handsomely so you shall paint it again.”

“No.” And with that Anton took her by the arm and escorted her outside before shutting the door in her face.



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