It’s Not Easy Being Meta: No love for the Empath

Being an empath sucks. Feeling everyone’s emotional baggage as well as your own, as if I need that.

And it creates serious mood swings, like sheesh people stop having such strong emotions. Not to mention it means I never get to express my emotions. Like when I was mad at my roommate for playing her music too loud but she was feeling so chilled out I couldn’t express my rage. Or when my besties ignored me for a whole week, we live in the same house so I don’t know how they did it, and I was unable to express how distraught and upset I was because all I could feel was joy.

Seriously I don’t even know why they gave me a roommate, when I moved into Meta House I thought things would get better but now I’m even more immersed in emotion stress.

I know sometimes my baggage is way less important or pressing than that of others but you know a person can’t be expected to always sympathise and be considerate. Every now and then I wish I could just be myself and feel my own emotions, put me first- but it never seems to be the right time.

You know I just wish someone could be considerate of me, understand how I feel and notice me for me.

~ Marie Empath Meta

– END –


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