Wednesday Prompt Smash: Summoned to the Death Pits

Wednesday Prompt Smash: Summoned to the Death Pits

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Prompt: You have been summoned to the death pits

Word Limit: 500 words

It was my fifth year practising in the Necromancer’s Law Practise of Ndelle & Mertis. My fifth year and I was feeling rather unaccomplished, Necromancy just wasn’t as big as it used to be. I suppose that after the large spike of lawsuits against Necromancers and the huge amount of those which were lost, something about it being a violation of rights to raise someone from the dead without their consent.

Still I had decided to practise Necromicon Law. Anyway it was my fifth year, and I was enjoying a pleasant anniversary lunch until the messaging tube spat out an archaic scroll. It came out with a soft puff of green smoke, never a good sign. My hands gingerly reached for it and it softly glowed with fiery magic.

As I grasped it in my palm, I used an elongated fingernail from my other hand to snap loose the ribbon. It unfurled rapidly and then a possession spell overtook the scroll and it arose in front of my face.

“Manis Trolit, you are hereby formally summoned to the death pits. Report there immediately.”

Gulp, a death pit summoning was not good news. However I couldn’t ignore it, no doubt the scroll had a read message spell cast upon it. So with much hesitation I gathered up my belongings and headed to the eternal staircase.

It befuddled me why the eternal staircase couldn’t be redesigned into an eternal escalator; it would make life far easier. The death pits are located at the negative 500 level of the underworld, beneath the flaming pits and the terror caves. Getting to the death pits is long and arduous, especially coming from level negative 378.

When I finally reached the death pits I was overwhelmed by a sudden breeze of heat. Instantaneously I felt as if I was covered in sweat, which incidentally I probably was seeing as I had my Necromancer’s robe over my business suit. But never mind my stupid layers of clothing and my covering of sweat, or the insane heat I continued on towards the main death pit.

Upon reaching my destination it was as if an intense cold snap had occurred, I felt as if I was freezing. “Hello, Manis Trolit answering your summons.”

“It is about TIME!” The voice didn’t come from anywhere in particular, it just boomed from every corner of the area.

“s-sorry, I had to come all the way from the offices of Ndelle & Mertis.”


“Wait? What?”

“Well these are the death pits and you were summoned here, what did you think would occur?”

“I just thought that maybe I was in trouble?”

“Well you are; you lost your last lawsuit.”

Yes, I had. Though that hardly seemed like reason enough for me to die.

“That lawsuit, your client was one of the unholy-one’s bastard children.”


“So now because he faces the consequences, so must you-


Words: 489 words

A/N: If it wasn’t clear the ominous force of the death pits killed the narrator at the end there, that’s why it just stops.


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