Wednesday Prompt Smash: Time Wounds All Heals

A/N: Sorry this week’s entry is late, I had family over yesterday and was unable to get anytime to write. Just a heads up this entry might be a bit upsetting. As always you can check out Tim’s stuff at-

Prompt: Time Wounds All Heals

Word Limit: 400 words

It had taken me many years to block out my childhood experiences with bullying. It seemed like all the time in the world had been used to create a scaffold in my memories that blocked off the bad stuff. And then all at once life ripped off the Band-Aid I had so meticulously placed, and suddenly memories were gushing out of the wound like it had only just been made.

People have often said that ‘time heals all wounds’ and whilst that is true to a degree for most cases I believe that for emotional damage the opposite can be true, that ‘time wounds all heals’ which is terrible grammar yes but it basically means that emotional scars can be ripped open anew at any time. Which is what I find has happened to me recently, I have often gotten through life by shunning the fact I was bullied when I was a child- it wasn’t intense bullying, just name calling every now and then but it hurt.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” It’s a mantra that we are taught as children, but it’s a lie because you know what ‘words can cut deeper than knives’ and when I was but a young girl they did, oh they did cut deep. That’s why I bury those names, the words used to tease me and when people ask I say I was never bullied.

However as life pulls out the emotional stitches and more wounds gape open, it is clear I was also bullied by being ignored.  When I was young I had the misfortune of having all my friends move away, all except one who after the others left stopped talking to me and never spent time with me- leaving me isolated and alone. Even though I got over this when I reached high school time felt the need to reveal to me that the reason this friend had isolated me was because in all the time we had known each other she had never truly liked me.

Yes as I have grown older time has healed my wounds but it has also seen fit at time to reopen my wounds which I had thought long ago healed. The times when my wounds are reopened also tends to be the times when I am at my weakest, but perhaps time wounding me after healing me is a way for life to test me and push me to become stronger.

– END –

Words: 417 words


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