Move on

‘Relationship status: Single’ the tidbit of information mocks me. Yes part of me was hoping it would still say that, part of me drew pleasure from perusing the social network for the slightest update on the life of this person who unknowingly held possession of my heart. But still their life mocks me, I yearn for them to find somebody so that my mind will stop torturing me.

It had been years ago that my heart and mind fell desperately head over heels for such a marvelous person. They were kind and sweet, smart and athletic, in a word perfection. However perfection is daunting, it’s impossible to bring oneself to feel confident when someone seems so immensely out of your league. And so my emotions went unrequited.

And now when I had thought myself gone of imaginings of them, poof they appear in my mind. The fact that they are still at least in my mind partially attainable makes me brain play torturous games with my heart. Yes all I wish for is for them is to find happiness with someone, so as my heart can be broken and I can stop thinking of them and truly move on.


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