Saturday Word of the Day: Flumadiddle

*Flumadiddle- utter nonsense

“This is complete flumadiddle.” Marjorie was not happy.

Just when the family had gotten used to living in Westing John had announced they were to move, again.

“Why can’t we stay? Tell me!” As the eldest of seven children Marjorie was stubborn and troublesome, when she wanted to she could really dig her heels into the ground and wouldn’t budge till she got her way.

“No Marjorie. We are moving and that is that, I don’t need to explain myself to a teenager.” John had been a widower now for four years, and it did not get any easier. At least when Katherine had been alive he had someone to support him, now it was him against the world and their seven children.

“But daddy, we just got here.” Moaned Simon, the youngest of the lot at age 7.

“And now we’re going, so pack your bags.” The first bunch of rapid moves had been tolerated by the children, Katherine had been alive and had got them into thinking of it all as a big adventure. However after moving every few months for the past five years the children were getting tired of it and without Katherine around they were all beginning to get suspicious that the moving was just flumadiddle and John had gone crazy.

There was some grumbling but Simon, Mary, Margaret, James and Tom all got to packing their bags. It was Marjorie and Mathias that were going to be troublesome, at 17 and 15 years of age they thought they knew everything.

“No. Not until you tell us why pa.” Stated Mathias, slapping Tom’s hands away from a pile of shirts.

“Yes, we need to know father, before we go anywhere we must know this isn’t just flumadiddle.”

John was exasperated, why couldn’t they just listen to him, he heaved and sighed an grumbled.

“Fine.” He supposed he just had to tell them after all he was running out of time and they needed to leave town fast, before anyone found out.

“The truth is, we have to leave because-

– END –

A/N: I’ll leave it up to all of you to decide what John’s big reveal is and why it means they have to leave, if you have an interesting idea for the ending I’d love to hear it so post it in the comments section.


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