Unprepared for the real world

Cady felt like a foal, giddy and new trying to stand up. Interviews she had prepared for but still she felt lost in the slew of questions. What was she meant to do?

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Panic, deer, headlights.

“Honestly? I see myself working in-”

She was answering the question, and she wasn’t answering that she wanted to be there. Her answer was truth, and truth might not necessarily be a good thing.


This wasn’t where Cady wanted to be, this was not what she wanted for her life. But bills need to be paid, money needs to be earned and food has to be acquired.

She looked at tax papers, she looked to the computer which displayed the website for completing you tax stuff. It was meant to be easy, stress free; it wasn’t. No amount of schooling or training had prepared her for this, there was no option for a doing your taxes class or a how to balance your finances and pay bills. And yet it seemed only she was drowning in this sea of adulthood, how did others manage?


Over a year. Over a year here. Over a year in the same dead-end job. This was not the plan. This was not what she had wanted, what she had worked for. It was meant to only be a short term thing, just till she found something better, till opportunity knocked.

Opportunity hadn’t knocked. And her boss had asked how long she’d be there, and stupidly Cady had answered “at least for a few more months.” It was signing her own death warrant, now she’d feel guilty if she up and quit, feel terrible if she decided to try something new with her life. Cady had trapped herself, like a dog that runs into a corner when the dog-catcher is after them.


Nothing can prepare you for the real world. Cady had to resign herself to this truth, for surely not all those people were as together as they seemed to be?


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