Wednesday Prompt Smash: Rainbow War

A/N: It’s that time of the week again, Wednesday prompt smash is a project between my co-worker/friend Tim and I, you can read more about it on my Projects page. For Tim’s work check out

Prompt: The King of the Rainbow Kingdom declared war yesterday

Word Limit: 750 words

All were a buzz in the rainbow court, the army was being prepared. The Rainbow Nobles gossiped loudly all about it;

“I can’t believe it.”

“He really did it.”

“Well it’s about time.”

“But really, a declaration of war isn’t that a bit much.”

“Not at all,”

“Not a bit.”

“Perfectly reasonable, considering what they did.”

“I’m sure they didn’t mean to offend us so.”

“Of course you’re a sympathiser, your part Grey after all”

“Now listen hear, my Shade heritage is of no matter here. I am also part Orange.”

And while the nobles gossiped the people gathered to hear the official announcements. At first everyone was excited for war which the King had declared yesterday, but today they were not so pleased to hear about the military campaign.


“Mandatory service?”

“I don’t believe it, isn’t the army more than big enough to handle this war. Why should as mere Tones have to battle in a fight that is clearly more of an issue for the higher class, for the Colours.”

“Bah, its flumadiddle. They just want to make sure they’re strong enough to completely crush the Shade army.”

“Well the Shades did offend us, by rejecting the Rainbow King’s offer.”

“Pish posh, it was a politically move. The King just wants to expand the power of our kingdom, either by a democratic match or by war it doesn’t matter.”

“Still to think Prince Black would refuse to be married to the lovely Princess Purple.”

“Well he must be mad, she’s breathtaking.”

“You know my family is distantly related”

“Nobody wants to hear it Violet.”

And so many conversations across the Rainbow Kingdom went. However in the Shade Kingdom things were going rather differently, for one shouting could be heard in the royal chambers.

“What will we do, what will we do? Oh you’ve done it now Black, we’ll be ruined.”

“Father please, calm down. It’s not like I knew that the Rainbow King would decree war when I refused to marry his daughter.”

“Why? Why? Why did you refuse? She would have made such a good match, such a safe move, and it’s not like she isn’t pretty. Why did I let you decide I should have just agreed to it and let you be damned.”

“Oh yes father she is pretty, many a man would love to ravish her. However father you know that wouldn’t have worked for me, you know I’d much rather ravish Prince Green then Princess Purple. Woman are so bland after all.”

“Curse you Black, you could have just married her and produced a child. Could have just kept a nice serving boy for your desires, but no you want to be true to yourself and now the  whole kingdom will suffer for it.”

“Oh father, do calm down. The Rainbow Kingdom army may be strong but if we begin preparing and strategizing rather than arguing I am sure we can find a way to fend them off.”

And so the war between the Shade and Rainbow Kingdom began. The Rainbow army was quite advanced, using special crystal laser guns that blasted foes in beams of colour. Meanwhile the Shade army preferred old fashion methods and used catapults and cannons for long range fighting.

It was a mess of clashing colours and tones all across the battlefield, though the Rainbow Kingdom boasted the superior numbers the Shade Kingdom was subtle and slick planners. Soon the vast numbers of the Rainbow Kingdom had begun to diminish, the Rainbow King would need to make a decision fast.

“Blast it, how are they humiliating us so on the field of battle.”

“Perhaps it is because their people are more unified?”


It was then that a large noise was heard over the battlefield, the noise of a megaphone.

“King of the Rainbow Kingdom, cease this silliness at once. I am coming over with a peace treaty, I suggest you sign it and we be done with this.”

There was another noise, and then the sound of a helicopter. And then Prince Black was in the Rainbow camp.

“What are you doing here?!”

“I assume you heard my announcement? I’m here to bring you this, now look over it and then sign and we’ll be done with this silly war.”

The Rainbow King read over the Shade Kingdom’s peace treaty, it was fairly reasonable he thought. That is until he read the final condition.

“Marry Prince Green!”

“Yes, I would seek your son’s hand.”

“But that’s absurd.”

“Not at all, same sex marriage is common in the Shade Kingdom.”

The Rainbow King grumbled for a long while before signing, “Well if you’d just said you wanted my son instead we could of avoided this whole thing in the beginning.”

– END –

Words: 793 words


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