Wednesday Prompt Smash: Prom Night 2277

A/N: Sorry this is late, I have family visiting and have been distracted. As per usual you can find Tim’s work at

Prompt: Prom Night 2277

Word Limit: 400 words

It was all lit up, there were holograms playing adventures we’d all recorded with our eye-camera implants and everyone was wearing strobe rings, casting colour beams along the walls with every hand movement. The music was blaring, we’d decided to go with a retro music decision so there was music playing from the 2020, lots of lyrics and bass lines- so weird. For those like me with frequency upgrades there was also a light thrumming of modern music, probably from people’s headphone implants.

I felt a little unbalanced entering the sports arena, probably because of the lowered gravity levels that it was equipped for no-grav soccer. Tonight instead of no-grav it was low grav so that movement was more fun but so that most of the refreshments wouldn’t bounce around uncontrollably. Everyone’s already here and bouncing around the arena dancing.

‘Deep breaths Cetica’ I have to give myself a pep-talk as I enter, ‘no-one will even notice you, this’ll be fun’. The music theme might be retro/totally ancient but the actual theme is Milky Way there’s temperature moderated areas that simulate the temperatures of our sister schools on other planets, like Mars High and Neptune Senior College, there are even real-time video capture screens in the areas to display the Prom events being held at those schools.

The outfits tonight are totally inter-stellar, most of the girls are wearing Saturn Couture with double ring orbit features. And the boys are dressed in the finest astro-suits, perfect for sneaking out or going to the after-party on the moon. Oh and I can’t forget the Trans students who are wearing stylish outfits that really pop and say “I’m an individual”. It all makes me feel pretty plain in my great-great-infinite greats-Grandmother’s galaxy print dress, apparently it was super stylish back in 2015 when she was alive and its tradition for it to be passed down- if you ask me my family is full of cheapskates trying to pass off a dress as a family heirloom.

I make my way to the punch bowl, apparently punch bowls have been a thing at Proms for the entire history of Prom, looking into the bowl it looks like Pluto-berry flavour. ‘I hate Pluto-berry.’ Quickly I turn away from the punch, looks like I’ll be going through this Prom parched. Next stop dance floor.

‘Oh god is that the Dwarf Planet Jig? Ew no I am not dancing if that’s how we’re meant to dance. Guess this Prom thing is just as lame as Mum said it would be, I should go.’

– END –

Words: 426 words


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