Wednesday Prompt Smash: Worst Christmas Ever

A/N: It’s that time of the week again, Wednesday prompt smash is a project between my co-worker/friend Tim and I, you can read more about it on my Projects page. For Tim’s work check out

Prompt: And it went down in history as the worst Christmas ever

Word Limit: 500 words

Tommy always hated Christmas, his family had a way of making what should be the best holiday event the worst. Every year his Aunt Kath came up with a brand new, horrible, turkey stuffing recipe and every year she boasted it was her “best yet”, it was never any good and everyone was too nice to tell her. Then there was Uncle Mark’s holiday tradition of home-made eggnog, heavy on the spice and whatever else went into eggnog- and always putrid.

But that was merely the cherry on top of a double decker sundae of terrible holiday. This year was no different, Aunt Kath and Uncle Mark came over for dinner with their terrible additions to the horrible feast and Mr and Mrs Fintch from next door came over with their daughter Bethany who was Tommy’s age. Bethany was the chocolate sauce on the sundae, she seemed sweet but she was completely bitter-sweet. She hated to be called Beth and she hated Tommy, she was always bragging about her grades and putting down Tommy for his bad grades (which were decent considering his ADHD and how much he argued with his teachers). Every year she would play a prank on Tommy after dinner, from goo to paint in buckets over his door or sometimes swapping his desert for something disgusting, she always managed to pull it off and nobody would tell her off.

Mr and Mrs Fintch, Bethany’s parents, didn’t really make a contribution to how horrible Christmas was (besides the fact they brought Bethany). However Cousin Douglas was that top scoop of ice cream, he’d always start a fight with Uncle Mark and there would be yelling and shouting and sending to rooms. Douglas was the tipping point for this year’s Christmas; he’d brought another ice cream scoop. Nobody knew Douglas was bringing a date, she was new and that meant she was neutral or so Tommy thought when she stepped through the door with Douglas.

“Tally this is everyone, everyone this is my fiancé Tally.” Fiancé? When had Douglas gotten a girlfriend, who was actually crazy enough to date Douglas?

And then the argument started, it started before dinner.

“Fiancé? Fiancé? When the bloody hell did you get a fiancé? Why didn’t you tell us earlier!?” Roared Uncle Mark.

“I got a fiancé when I got a fiancé, and it isn’t none of your business old timer.”

The shouting continued, even as mum ushered people to sit down for dinner. Over dinner there was much glaring, until Tally opened her mouth- “Ew, gross what is this? Is this meant to be stuffing? It tastes like shit.”

Again the shouting started, and then there was a row. Uncle Mark cuffed Douglas on the ear and Douglas retaliated, everyone was yelling. And then it happened, someone fell over and knocked a candle and up went the fir tree and presents caught fire. That was it, Christmas was completely ruined for Tommy and of course just at that moment Bethany pulled her prank and in Tommy’s mind everything was over and it went down in history as the worst Christmas ever.

– END –

Words: 520 words


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