Wednesday Prompt Smash: Burn the witch

A/N: So this week the style is a bit different, very first person and very much not grammar correct but that’s what I was going for. This is based is a kind of modern world but where witches are still hunted down and magic is frowned upon. As per usual you can find some of Tim’s work at:

Prompt: Burn the Witch

Word Limit: 450 words

This was sooo not how I had planned for my 18th birthday to go down, hiding from people with pitchforks and torches, not even close to my party plans. You know this is typical, I plan the most awesome birthday bash EVAR and something just has to ruin it. I mean I worked my butt off at a part time job to save up money for decorations and catering and music, I could have just conjured the décor and enchanted the kitchen to cater for me and given my friends a talent potion so their band played well. BUT nooo I worked for it because using magic is dangerous and shit like this happens if you do.

Ugggh the universe I so out to get me, I mean of all the things to get caught out on I get caught for having a fictional book on my shelf that apparently only appeals to actual magic practitioners, WTF universe. I mean what are the chances that my BFF’s cousin’s dad is a witch hunter and is in town for my birthday and decides to drop off my BFF and her cousin to my party and I ask him if he’d like to come in for a refreshment because it’s polite manners, and when he comes in the first thing he sees is this book?

That has to be like a million to one chance. This is so not fair, Stacy’s 18th might have been a disaster but this is a-a-a-a CATASTROPHY. Worst birthday present ever.

Oh shit, I can hear them chanting. Sheesh people you’ve known me forever, glad to know that being best friends means nothing once you are revealed to be a witch, thanks a lot mum for giving me magic- worst inheritance ever.

“Burn the witch, burn the witch, burn her.”

Oh puh-lease people, get a new line. I mean ‘burn the witch’ that is so archaic. And burning a witch isn’t even effective, panic when you are burning has proven over Wiccan history to be an amazing survival instinct because 95% of the time it helps the witch pull of a long-distance teleportation spell. You would think that regular humans would have caught onto that by now.

Anyway even though it’s not effective I guess I still don’t want to risk being part of that 5% who do die in fire. I should probably try and escape, that would probably be a good idea. God why did dad have to be away on business this week, he’d totally have memory wiped all those people and fixed things… still not like I can wait for daddy to show up and save me.

– END –

Words: 444 words


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